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Taipei Flower Auction Co., Ltd. Gears up for Spring Festival

Taipei Flower Auction Co., Ltd. Gears up for Spring FestivalTo welcome the arrival of the Year of the Pig in 2019, the Taipei Flower Auction Co., Ltd. (TFA) will extend its business hours in two phases in preparation for Chinese New Year.
During Phase 1 between January 21 and 30, potted flower Pavilion B will be open daily until 3 pm. During Phase 2 the flower market will be open for 108 hours non-stop from noon on January 31 until noon on February 4 (Chinese New Year's Eve), with a host of flowers for sale, from lilies and chrysanthemums to gladiolas and cat-tail willows and much more. From January 30 through February 3, the second floor of Pavilion A will feature a Chinese New Year Shopping Street where vendors display and sell new year-related merchandise—a one-stop shop for flowers and agricultural products for everyone’s new year celebrations. Come and check it out!
New Year Shopping and Flower Street Premieres Grand Gate of Flower Fortune
Taiwan’s largest shopping street for flowers and Chinese New Year’s merchandise, the TFA, will for the very first time feature a “Grand Gate of Flower Fortune” display at the entrance. The gate’s pig and lion evoke a new year’s atmosphere and promise good fortune for anyone walking through this gate. Lots of extra visitors are expected to come and try out this auspicious golden pig gate.
TFA Offers One-Stop Shop for All New Year’s Purchases
The days right before the Chinese New Year holiday is the peak shopping time for flowers, fruits, and vegetables. As the largest source of flowers in northern Taiwan, the TFA serves large crowds of people buying flowers. Besides its 24/7 opening hours during the days leading up to Chinese New Year's Eve as in other years, the market will also for the first time offer agricultural products for sale as well. In this temporary, diversified bulk market, shoppers can buy fresh flowers grown in Taiwan, as well as fruit and vegetables with fourfold quality assurance (CAS, TAP, etc.) and QR codes to trace their origin and logistics histories. Decorate your home with beautiful flowers, and serve your loved ones food that is safe and tasty during the New Year holiday!