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British Columbia Delegation Visits City Hall

A delegation consisting of legislators from the Canadian Province of British Columbia arrived at city hall on December 9 for an official visit. The group of 5 legislative assembly members, headed by BC Liberal Party’s Don McRae, met with Deputy Mayor Chou Li-fang and other city officials.
Many among the members of the delegation serve cabinet positions in domains spanning family development, health, and finance.
On behalf of Mayor Ko Wen-je, Deputy Mayor Chou welcomed the dignitaries to Taiwan. The two sides discussed topics ranging from education, cultural affairs, and tourism collaborations.
This is the first trip of delegation members to Taiwan. With Taipei as their last stop on the island, the legislators noted that they are very impressed with the city’s integration of traditional and modern elements, as well as with its role as a riverside city and its friendly populace.
British Columbia is located on the west coast of Canada and serves as the nation’s gateway to the Asia Pacific Region. Chou mentioned that Taipei is promoting a program of international student exchange with both Canada and the United States. As of today, 14 high school/vocational students from Taipei have visited public high schools in Campbell River through the program.
As the fifth-place international trade partner of the Canadian province, Taipei has strong trade relations with British Columbia. Chou briefed the delegates on Taipei’s edge in areas such as human resource, capital, technology, and competitive enterprises. Its geographical location in Asia and its role in the Chinese cultural sphere makes it a top choice for many professional businesspeople.