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Taipei to Assist Investigations on Taichung Metro Construction Accident

Deputy Mayor Lin Chin-rong hosted a press conference on April 11 to announce Taipei’s position regarding the accident that occurred at the construction site of Taichung MRT’s Green Line on April 10.
On behalf of Taipei City Government, Lin apologized to the public for the accident, as the project is commissioned to Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS) by Taichung City Government. He announced that the construction of the Green Line will be suspended immediately and Taipei City Government will cooperate with the prosecutors in the investigation.
In addition to ordering DORTS to publish online the examination report on the incident by noon April 11, Lin also instructed DORTS Deputy Commissioner Chang Tse-hsiung to report to Taichung Mayor Lin Chia-lung in details at 2 PM on the same day.
According to Lin, the construction of Taichung MRT Green Line (No.CJ920A) is slated for completion by the end of 2017, as stated in the contract signed between DORTS and Far Eastern Construction Company. With overall constructions ahead of schedule by approximately 3%, he stressed that attributing the incident to rushed work is groundless.
DORTS Deputy Commissioner Chang Tse-hsiung reported that preliminary investigation pointed to human error as the primary cause of the accident, which resulted in the steel girder’s tilting and crashing. The exact cause, however, has yet to be identified.
In light of this tragedy, Taipei City Government will work with consultants of Taichung City Government and the responsible contractor to conduct a comprehensive review of construction plans, safety and hygiene plans, and traffic control plans relevant to the project as a reference for drafting up requirements before resuming construction works.