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Results of Taipei City Government’s 2023 summer jobs program for targeted college students

    To foster future talents, enable college students to have hands-on experience regarding the City Government’s affairs, and relieve the financial difficulties of some families that impact the children’s educational rights, the City Government provides summer job opportunities for the City’s college students. The program aims to cultivate the students’ self-reliance and self-improvement, as they will serve the country and society in the future. 

    The expected benefits of the program are to instill the correct work values among these college students, and assist them in making career plans. By organizing this program, the hope is to expand the publicity of employment services for college students, and show that the City Government is concerned with the employment rights of students from disadvantaged households. By setting a good example for youth employment service, it will hopefully attract similar actions and enthusiastic responses from society, thereby providing more work-study opportunities to take care of youths from targeted families. 

    The City Government’s 2023 summer job program lasted nearly 2 months, from July 3 to August 31, 2023, and provided 340 job opportunities. During this period, the relevant departments/offices assigned their staff to introduce and explain the job content to the students from time to time, allowing them to learn more about the City Government’s affairs, and fostering future talents for the country.