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Malaysian TV Show to Spotlight Taipei in Upcoming Episode

To promote Taipei as a potential location for Muslim travelers, the Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) collaborated with Malaysian Television station TV ALHIJRAHH’s show “SOAL WANITA” to showcase the charms which the capital city has to offer.

Popular Malaysian TV show host Fara-Hanim-Razak and winner of the Juara Masterchef Selebriti Malaysia 2012 Chef Dato’ Fazley are in town for the show’s filming sessions, introducing the selection of Muslim food and the tourist attractions in town.

This trip is the first trip for the two hosts to Taipei. After visiting locations such as Dadaocheng, Xinyi District, and Shilin Night Market, Fara remarked that she is very fond of the atmosphere of Dadaocheng where the old mansions merge with creative shops offering cute merchandise, as well as the fashion boutiques in the east part of town. She is also very impressed with beef noodles and mango shaved ice.

Fazley said that he was curious about ingredients such as cordia dichotoma and ‘hot spring egg.’ He also praised the layout of Taipei’s fish market and took the opportunity to do some shopping and the Binjiang Market. He added that Taipei is a modernized international city known for its safety and convenience. He also experienced the hospitality of locals when they would approach him and say “Welcome to Taipei!”

TPEDOIT Commissioner Chien Yu-yen visited the show’s crew during a filming session at a local Muslim restaurant. She joined the hosts in trying out some of the delicacies and served as a member of the scoring panel for the episode.