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Mayor Attends Press Event for New Book by Former Control Yuan Official

Mayor Ko Wen-je attended a press conference for a new book written by former Control Yuan member Huang Huang-hsiung on March 7.
During his address, the mayor remarked that the book he read and reread the most is the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Having encountered the work for the first time during his high school years, Ko would pick up the book and read it again when he has time.
Ko pointed out that he enjoys the Romance of the Three Kingdoms a lot and reads it like a script. He noted that the novel is a work that conveys messages of political wisdom.
The mayor also noted that Huang, the author of the new book, is one of the more well-read political figures. Citing the popularity of the Internet among the younger generation, he remarked that shorter articles on facebook receive more “likes,” showing the decline in reading ability among youth for works comprising large volumes.
He suggests that readers should contemplate as they read, encouraging them to read between the lines. He noted that the same book will have different meanings for different readers. The mayor also joked that Huang’s handwriting can be a little hard to read at times, suggesting that the author should publish a digital version for easier reading.