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Rescue Workers Retrieve Mid, Tail Sections of Crashed Plane

A TransAsia Airway flight crashed in the vicinity of Jingmao Second Road in Nangang District near noon on February 4.
Arriving at the site of the plane crash, the emergency response task force led by Deputy Mayor Teng Chia-ji began work on search and rescue operations. A decision was reached to dismantle the “Kee-1” floodgate to allow access of large-size rescue vehicles and equipment to the riverbank. Floodgate removal was completed at 8 PM.
Through the use of two 400-ton truck cranes, the rescue workers were able to retrieve the tail and the central part of the crashed plane from Keelung River at 9:15 PM. Two bodies were discovered in the salvaged sections, leaving the number of missing passengers at 18.
Divers from the Taipei City Fire Department are working on attaching the cable wires to the front section of the plane, which still remain submerged.
The city government noted that once the search and rescue operations come to a close, it will install bulk bags to temporary fill the breach along the dike. The floodgate will be repaired by the end of April and in time for the flooding season.
During his visit to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in the night of February 4, Mayor Ko Wen-je gave the following instructions to city agencies after listening to briefings by the heads of fire, public works, social welfare, health, civil affairs, and related departments:
1. Staff should do their best to locate the whereabouts of missing passengers. Those working on site should also pay attention to their own safety. The EOC will provide the logistics for those working on the front line.
2. Workers taking part in night time search and rescue should pay attention to their own safety. Safety is also the top priority when operating large rescue equipment mobilized by the Public Work Department at the site.
3. The city government would like to express its gratitude to government agencies and staff offering support for search and rescue, including the Executive Yuan, New Taipei City Government, Keelung City Government, and the Ministry of Defense.
4. The mayor has instructed Social Welfare Commissioner Hsu Li-min to visit the families of crash victims and Commissioner of Information and Tourism Chien Yu-yen to assist mainland tourists and their family members on the plane, as well as working with the central government to help arrange bringing families of victims to Taiwan for follow-ups. The City has also mobilized teams of volunteers to work with the Department of Social Welfare.