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Air Con Activation Ceremony at Binjiang Elementary School

* In recent years, the global climate has become abnormal. Temperatures have become very hot and humid in the summer. Many discussed whether the classrooms should have air conditioners installed.

To improve the study environment of children and increase their effectiveness in learning, the school has always wanted to install air conditioners for every classroom. The Parents’ Association President Chen Chia-ling organized a fundraiser with all the parents and raised enough funds in only half a year for the installation of air conditioners. Through the continuous effort of the school, a subsidy from the Department of Education has been granted in August 2018 for electricity improvement in classrooms. The work has been completed in December, and the installation of air conditioners in every classroom has been completed in January.

It has been the school’s goal to install an air conditioner in every classroom. Many have contributed great efforts culminating in this step today. Nonetheless, the school managed to achieve the goal, and the Parents’ Association also offered to install air conditioners for certain classrooms in May. Due to the main classroom design of the school, the Parents’ Association also installed door curtains in each classroom so that the cooling effect can be utilized for the purpose of saving energy and being more eco-friendly.

To celebrate the achievement, the Parents’ Association has made red banners for the school’s celebration of the “Classroom air conditioner activation ceremony” to bring energy and mark the milestone. The Parents’ Association has also made red banners to celebrate the victory for all competitions in 2018 including “Excellent award in Curriculum Review, Taipei City 2018”, “Excellent organization award in Children reading encouragement, Taipei City 2018”, “1st rank in innovative education and active research organization, Taipei City 2018”, “1st rank in teaching and student study portfolio competition organization award, Taipei City 2018”, and “Department of Education 2018 Moral and Virtue education school”. The school received the four top honors for teacher professionalism in Taipei City. Such results are the combined effort of all teachers and students.

May is a warm season and also one that we should be thankful for. The full activation of air conditioners at Binjiang Elementary School has been made possible through the efforts of the Parents’ Association president Chen Chia-ling, parents’ committee members, and also all the parents who supported the initiative. Binjiang Elementary School also wants to thank Jintai Borough Chief Yu Chin-i in assisting the fundraising and coordination with firm owners, as well as Deputy Speaker Yeh Lin-chuang of Taipei City Council and Borough Chief Yu for visiting the school at the activation ceremony of air conditioners. The children of Binjiang is grateful for the effort and assistance of all the people mentioned above!