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Kicking off the Taipei Universiade Sponsorship Program

The organizer of the 2017 Taipei Universiade is calling for the corporate world to join the sponsorship program for the international sports taking place in two years’ time.
According to the Market Development Division of Taipei Universiade, the sports event involves multi-facet preparations requiring investment of substantial amount of resources.
The Executive Committee noted that diverse channels have been put in place to encourage the participation of corporations and businesses. The sponsorship of the Taipei Universiade will allow companies to engage in image-building and brand marketing, as well as serving to improve public relations.
The organizer hopes corporations and businesses can contribute resources in 15 categories: transportation services, ICT products, beverages, food, household appliances, daily life consumables, apparel, office equipment, sports gear, medical supplies, security equipment, competition related gear, mats, artificial lawn, and others.
To learn more about the sponsorship program, please contact (02)2578-7813. Information is also available at the Chinese website (http://www.2017.taipei/files/11-1000-166.php) and Facebook page of [2017 Taipei Summer Universiade 臺北世界大學運動會].