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PFP Chairman Speaks at City Executive Meeting

Mayor Ko Wen-je invited Chairman James Soong from the People First Party to address city officials during the City Executive Meeting on June 16.
Speaking on the subject of “Leading to Implement Changes in an Organization’s Culture,” Soong shared his experience on government administration with the audience, emphasizing on finding solutions to problems which do not violate the law.
Citing the old practice of allocating budget surplus from annual public construction procurements for borough meetings, Soong emphasized the importance of using the funds on areas which residents care about.
He also stressed the importance of building a sense of honor among the administrative team, which helps to stimulate pride among city staff through working together and achieving goals. The city should not fear mistakes; they should fear being left behind. Also, it is important to rectify errors rather than denying them.
Talking about the spread of MERS in Korea, Soong reminded city officials to prepare for actions when they see other cities or nations facing the problem and check if local preparation measures are enough. He pointed out that minor issues for citizens should be regarded as major issues for the City. He called upon city officials to walk among the masses to identify the core of problems and understand the needs from the standpoint of citizens.