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Taipei City Participatory Budgeting Proposal i-Voting Kicks Off! Inviting Citizens Aged 16 Years and Above to Cast their Votes

* Taipei City Government’s 2019 participatory budgeting has culminated in 44 proposals thanks to the joint efforts of colleagues from different government agencies and citizens over the last 6 months, during which they envisioned, discussed and deliberated on possible alternatives. The proposals encompass abundant and diverse dimensions such as park transformation, environmental restoration, child and senior care, traffic safety, tourism marketing as well as culture and arts! From June 3 to 17, 2019, i-Voting will be conducted concurrently by 12 administrative districts. Besides voting at district offices and household registration offices, fixed voting stations will be established in certain MRT stations, activity centers, malls or temples.

According to Department of Civil Affairs (DCA) of Taipei City Government, in order to demonstrate the convenience of Taipei City Participatory Budgeting Proposal i-Voting, Taipei Citizens aged 16 and above may bring ID cards to the various voting stations and cast their vote by scanning the barcode. Additionally, citizens are welcome to cast their vote on Taipei City Government’s i-Voting online voting website (https://ivoting.taipei/) during the voting period around the clock, therefore they are no longer restrained by time and space, as they will be able to cast their votes anywhere, anytime. The City Government invites all citizens to participate in the voting process.

In addition, the City Government has prepared myriads of great prizes for the citizens who have voted. If the total number of voters reaches 30,000 people, 2 lucky lottery winners will receive prizes valued at NT30,000, and if the number of voters at various voting stations reach 2,000, each station will draw one lucky winner to receive NT10,000 worth of prizes on top of 100 other general prizes. It is hoped that the citizens will turn out to support the i-Voting activity and make a difference in improving the quality of the living environment in Taipei City.

The DCA elaborated that the voting period is from June 3 to 17, 2019, any citizen aged 16 and above who is registered in Taipei City, studies, works, or lives in the city may vote. For related information and more diverse proposals, please browse the City Government’s i-Voting online voting website (https://ivoting.taipei/), the Citizen Participatory Budgeting Platform (https://pb.taipei), the official website of various district offices, and the Participatory Budgeting Desk of various district offices.