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Ko Pledges to Build 50,000 Public Housing Units in Taipei

Mayor Ko Wen-je vowed to build 25,000 public housing units in Taipei within four years, in an effort to protect people’s fundamental right to housing. He made the remarks during a meeting with borough chiefs of Daan District on March 4.
According to Ko, the capital has approximately 1 million residential units, at least 5% of which should be dedicated to rental public housing to effectively address the soaring house prices. That would translate to 50,000 public dwellings.
He stressed that the city government will do its best to ensure that youths can afford to live in Taipei despite their not being able purchase an apartment of their own—an essential part of his political ideals.
Ko pointed out that there are challenges ahead to construct more rental-only residential sites as most of the city’s vacant land is owned by the central government. He stated that negotiations are currently underway to secure land for the public housing program.