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Taipei, Netherlands Experts Announce Shezidao International Workshop Results

Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the discussion panel of the Shezidao International Workshop in the afternoon of May 1. He joined Taiwanese and Dutch experts in discussing topics ranging from water, transportation, urban development, to land policies.
During his address, the mayor noted that the construction ban for Shezidao, which has been in effect for 46 years, is a complex problem. He believes that this is the last chance to resolve the issue and is willing to invest a lot of effort into the project.
The mayor listened to the presentation arranged by the Public Works Department, Department of Transportation, Urban Development Department, and four Dutch experts. The briefing include conclusions arrived at following two days of exchange and discussions.
Jaap Van Der Salm noted that the city government has ambitious goals for the Shezidao Project, limited not only to providing locals with a comprehensive urban environment, but also to attract new residents. He suggested that Taipei should not just build a new town, but need to include demonstrative function to be followed by other cities.
Frans Van De Ven offered suggestions on water resource management such as conducting risk assessment of rivers in fields such as flood prevention, extreme weather changes, and rising sea levels. Defensive mechanisms should be installed for facilities related to citizens’ livelihood such as power plants and evacuation sites.
Piet Klsbeek mentioned that central river canals should integrate closely into the urban environment and link up with lesser channel systems to create an atmosphere of cohabitation with the park at every corner of Shezidao. He also reminded the City that underground water levels will affect the stability of levees.
Samuel De Vries approached the issue from the perspectives of green transportation, eco-corridors, and green energy. For future plans, he suggested that public transportation should be given the priority. Green energy is also important in reducing energy consumptions of buildings, so it would be wise to consider alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power.