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Taipei, Yilan Join Hands to Promote Green Expo

Mayor Ko Wen-je helped promote the 2015 Yilan Green Expo during a promotional event on March 22. He also met with Yilan County Magistrate Lin Tsung-hisen to discuss cooperation possibilities in the field of agriculture.
2015 Yilan Green Expo will take place from March 28 through May 17.
According to Ko, Taipei is at the consumer end of agricultural produce while Yilan produces a variety of crops that meet the capital’s needs. He will seek opportunities where fresh and safe agricultural commodities from Yilan can be directly ordered and delivered to Taipei.
He also suggested that the Department of Education and Department of Economic Development consider arranging extracurricular activities at the Green Expo and purchasing organic vegetables for school lunch from agricultural organizations in Yilan. Building a bridge for collaboration in agriculture was top on the agenda of Magistrate Lin’s trip to Taipei, Ko reckoned.
As an act of reciprocation for Ko’s support, Magistrate Lin invited him to visit the Green Expo. Lin added that residents from other municipalities are equally entitled to a 20-percent discount when visiting the event during designated city/county weeks.
The mayor also took the opportunity to underscore Taipei’s effort to transform itself from a concrete jungle into a garden city. With less than NT$20 million investment, a total of 192 junior high schools and elementary schools have enrolled in the garden city initiative. To achieve the goal, the city plans to conduct classes on urban farming to promote planting vegetables on rooftops.