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Come to the Guandu Nature Park for Summer Vacation – Participate in Fun Wetland Activities

* Don’t know where to go for your summer vacation? The Taipei City Animal Protection Office (APO) recommends you visit Guandu Nature Park to enjoy a fun summer!

In July and August, Guandu Nature Park will be launching numerous experiential activities inspired by the theme of getting closer to nature and the wetlands for different target groups. Elementary school children of the right age may partake in the Wetland Explorer summer camp, which offers a combination of nature observation and wetland experience. The Summer Frog old friends recommend the Summer Frog Tour to introduce frogs and habitat development. For the adults, they may choose to join the plant weaving or handmade soap DIY classes. The Guandu Educational Tour will be developed for day care centers and co-learners by integrating environmental education courses and DIY activities. During the holidays, the theme guided tour “Getting to Know Buffalos” will be organized, allowing visitors to observe buffalos at a close distance; the Constructed Wetland guided tours will also be held. Additionally, the family creative DIY activity will be available on Sunday afternoons. Registration for some of the events is now open, for further details, please contact 02-2858-7417 or browse the Guandu Nature Park’s official website.

In order to enrich the elementary school children’s summer vacation, the Wetland Explorer summer camp will be conducted in early July, blending elements such as nature experience, observing organisms, riddles, and conservation concepts. The camp focuses on the 12-year Basic Education curriculum to design relevant courses and activities with the aim of cultivating children and enabling them to learn by participating in the activities. From July 2 to 5, the 4-day day camp will be organized for prospective students from grades 3-7. Registration is now open, all children interested in nature and ecology are welcome to join the activities. Children from Beitou District are entitled to a 20% registration discount, and price concession is available for groups.

Summer is bustling with activities intermingled with the sound of crying cicadas and croaking frogs. Summer Frog Tour is an advanced course designed for those who have attended the Summer Frog Rhapsody previously. After acquiring preliminary knowledge of frogs, the participants will head to schools and other biodiversity hotspots to investigate these amphibians. To offer more opportunities for adults to become familiar with nature and ecology, the plant weaving DIY workshop will be conducted to create earrings and pendants using shell ginger leaves. Furthermore, they will be able to produce eco-friendly handmade soap and lotion according to their skin conditions.

Day care centers and co-learners are welcome to sign up for the Guandu Educational Tour, which combines environmental education with DIY activities. Families are invited to come to Guandu Nature Park during the holidays to appreciate water buffalos and wetlands. The Little Duckling Storytelling activity will be held in the afternoon of Saturdays, and the family creativity DIY event will take place on Sunday afternoons, allowing participants to produce toys mimicking the sound of crying cicadas and bird bracelets.

Guandu Nature Park will be alive with abundant activities this summer, and all nature-loving children are invited to sign up for the Wetland Explorer summer camp. In the holidays, you can come to the park to admire grazing water buffalos at a close distance, listen to stories, appreciate the wetlands, and enjoy DIY activities. Online registration for some of the events is now open, please browse the official website of the APO (www.tcapo.gov.taipei) or Guandu Nature Park (www.gd-park.org.tw), or contact 02-2858-7417 for more information.