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TRTC Adds Armrests to MRT Priority Seats to Improve Comfort and Safety

TRTC Adds Armrests to MRT Priority Seats to Improve Comfort and SafetyThe Taipei MRT continues to further improve its award-wining service quality. As of today, the public transport company is adding armrests to the priority seats in pilot carriages on selected lines to see how people like them.
In response to feedback and for the convenience of elderly, injured, and pregnant passengers, the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) has evaluated existing priority seating and decided to add armrests to priority seats next to doors 2 and 3 of carriages 3 and 4 of trains running along the Tamsui-Xinyi Line, the Bannan Line, Zonghe-Xinlu Line, and the Songshan-Xindian Line. The pilot project will run for six months, after which its feasibility will be evaluated.
The electric-powered Matra model trains operating on the Wenhu Line will not be included in the pilot project. Designed and built by Bombardier, these carriages have always had priority seats with armrests as one of their unique features, as well as driving control platforms next to the priority seats which passengers can use for support.
For more information, please contact TRTC’s 24hr customer service hotline: (02) 218-12345, the Citizen Hotline: 1999 (02-2720-8889 when calling from outside Taipei), or visit the TRTC website https://www.metro.taipei/.