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City to Review MRT, Bus Fare Subsidies

Regarding the comprehensive discount for MRT tickets and discount for bus/MRT transfers, the Department of Transportation (DOT) pointed out that it will review the current policy on public transportation subsides and implement updated measures in January of 2017.
To encourage residents to utilize public transportation and familiarize themselves with the use of smart cards, the city government has implemented an across-the-board, 20-percent discount for MRT fares, as well as a discount for transferring between MRT and public bus for EasyCard users.
Thanks to the discount measures and the ongoing expansion of the public transportation network, the number of passengers using public transportation has reached 1.86 million daily.
According to DOT, the subsidy for MRT fare will continue in the future to benefit both transportation operators and the public. However, considering the fact that current subsidies are provided by Taipei Rapid Transportation Corporation alone, the agency will also consider the reasonable distribution among the company, operators, and the city government.
In addition, given the fact that ticket prices for public transportation have remained the same for 16 years, DOT will also review the possibility of adjustments to fares. The agency expects to submit the draft of the updated policy for review by city council in April of 2016. Implementation is slated for January of 2017.