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City Officials Draw Lesson from Singapore Iconic Public Housing Duxton

On January 19, Deputy Mayor Lin Chin-rong visited “The Pinnacle@Duxton”-- Singapore’s most iconic public housing project.
A new generation residential complex, the foundation of Duxton spans 2.5 hectare. The facility, consisting of seven connected 156-meter-tall buildings and sky gardens, boasts an astonishing 1,848 units. The project has won a number of international awards while setting the trend for a new public housing style emphasizing high-density buildings and vertical green architecture, Lin reckoned.
Lin noted that the success of Singapore’s public housing policies can be partly attributed to its comprehensive planning which allocated different budgets and designed different management approaches, thereby accommodating the needs of different family structures.
Lin added that the city-state’s Housing and Development Board (HDB), with support by the Central Provident Fund, has put into place a series of loan programs to help citizens acquire affordable houses. HDP, with a decentralized management system, can effectively assist residents on lease issues at its service centers.
The deputy mayor also expressed his interest in exploring Singapore’s public housing renewal plans and home ownership scheme. These policies can serve as an important source of reference for Taipei, as the capital of Taiwan confronts the challenges of family structure change and aging population.