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Mayor to Hold Breakfast Meetings with Industry Players

On June 22, Mayor Ko Wen-je exchanged opinions with representatives from the General Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China on topics ranging from urban renewal, tourism, green energy city, to the fate of Taipei Songshan Airport.
The mayor noted that he plans to host regular breakfast talks with industry leaders on weekends and holidays. He will also invite his guests to mark the performance of city department chiefs as reference for evaluation.
According to Lai Cheng-i, president of General Chamber of Commerce, the business world has high expectations for Ko’s administration, hoping it will fast-track plans to promote Taipei as a financial and information hub. As the Taoyuan International Airport MRT is about to enter service, the General Chamber of Commerce supports the proposal to reassign the site of Songshan Airport for other purposes.
Ko remarked that the city government will seek advice from industry players through such breakfast meetings. The Department of Labor, for example, has been requested to conduct four meetings a year with labor associations. The Department of Economic Development will follow suit in an effort to connect with businesses and improve administrative effectiveness.
The mayor stressed that city agency heads who receive poor marks in their performance will be removed from their posts. The pilot program, starting with the Labor Department, will be expanded to other agencies if successful.