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Local Schools to Implement Remote Learning May 23 – May 27

Remote learning week announcementWith 24,473 students and faculties across Taipei having contracted COVID-19 as of May 18, the city government request that local private and public schools of all levels to switch to remote learning between May 23 and 27. The temporary shutdown of physical classes is an effort to fight the rise of school infection cases.
For elementary school, middle school (7th grade, 8th grade), and high school (10th grade, 11th grade) students, the remote learning period will extend from May 23 to 27. During this period, students can return to school for major events such as mass vaccination and scheduled aptitude assessments.
For 9th graders and 12th graders, the remote learning period will last from May 23 through the day before graduation. Students should be allowed to visit their classroom if they need to retrieve personal belongings.
The Department of Education (DOE) reminds schools that diversified learning channels should incorporate synced, non-synced, and hybrid self-learning assignments, alongside digital learning resources such as online classes via the city government’s CooC Cloud platform and DOE’s coursework films. Schools are also required to implement real-name attendance and online patrol mechanism. Faculty members are also reminded to cater to the needs of kids from disadvantaged families and households with multiple children regarding portable device and internet access.
For parents who cannot stay home to look after their kids during the remote learning period, DOE offers the “Parents Basics Care Service” catering to their need. Those who are unable to accompany their kids can contact school authorities beforehand. The respective school will arrange Basic Care Service Classes during school hours, and the fee will be subsidized by DOE.
Regarding the upcoming mass on-campus student vaccination, students who have signed up will still be required to return to school for the shots on the day. Also, DOE will continue to subsidize lunch fees for disadvantaged students during this period.