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City Strengthens Childbirth Subsidies, Parenting Support

Young kids playing soccer at a tournament organized by the Department of SportsTo boost birth rate and encourage young families to establish their roots in Taipei City, the mayor’s office introduced changes to the guideline on the awarding of childbirth subsidies which took effect in September this year.
The latest guideline increased the subsidy for the third child to NT$25,000. It also addressed the concerns of those living in the Greater Taipei Area (which includes Keelung and New Taipei) with these adjustments: 1) The residency requirement for subsidies has been reduced from 1 year to 10 months, and 2) Residency in the aforementioned municipalities are included when calculating eligibility for Taipei’s childbirth subsidy.
To further strengthen the incentive’s appeal, the Mayor’s Office is working on a new draft of the subsidies which will increase the subsidy for a second kid by NT$5,000 (to a total of NT$25,000) and another NT$5,000 for a third child (to a total of NT$30,000). The city government hopes to have the revised incentives ratified and implemented in 2022.
In addition to the childbirth subsidy, the city government is also focusing on support for child education and parenting through its effort on nationalizing childrearing and childcare services. Hopefully, this will lessen the burden of raising kids for families and reduce the opportunity costs for mothers.
Beginning in August of 2022, monthly childrearing and childcare support will go up by NT$1,500, while tuition fees for kindergarten/nurseries will be further reduced by NT$500 per month. The city government is also planning to invest vast resources into the establishment of public community childcare institutions and non-profit kindergartens in the coming years.
There are currently 55 public community childcare institutions in Taipei City (as of November 2021), with 68 more planned for 2022 and 75 more for 2024. There is also a total of 49 non-profit kindergartens in Taipei (as of November 2021).