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DED “Extra-Ordinary Taipei” Selected as the Recommended Book of Taiwan Pavilion at Seoul International Book Fair 2019

* The Seoul International Book Fair 2019 will be held at COEX in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, from June 19 to 23. Of the book set published by the Department of Economic Development (DOED) of Taipei City Government “Extra-Ordinary Taipei”, 3 books entitled Cradle of Design – Encounter through Design, Fashionable Gastronomy – Savoring the Taste of Taipei, and Traditional Market – Take a Stroll in Traditional Markets to Appreciate the Beauty of Life were selected as recommended lifestyle books of the Taiwan Pavilion. The books not only garnered international recognition but also serve to market the industry features of Taipei City and foster inter-city interactions.

Supervised by the Ministry of Culture and organized by the Taipei Book Fair Foundation, the Taiwan Pavilion at Seoul International Book Fair 2019 comprises 6 exhibition booths with a total area of 54m2.

A total of 76 publishers and 334 original books from Taiwan are featured at the pavilion. Since its inception in 1995, the 25th Seoul International Book Fair sees participation from small to medium-sized publishers in Korea, making it an important market in terms of book contracts and sales. In addition, since the theme country of the 2020 Taipei International Book Exhibition is Korea, the Seoul International Book Fair is used as an opportunity to get in touch with the Korean publishing market.

According to the DOED, it is an honor to participate in the grand gathering of the publishing industry. The books shortlisted for recommendation are published by the Industry and Business Division, Office of Commerce, and Market Administration Office, drawing inspiration from local elements in Taipei. Cradle of Design – Encounter through Design introduces 15 novel design brands and their designers, encompassing dimensions including material application, social care, urban aesthetics, and new style, etc. Fashionable Gastronomy – Savoring the Taste of Taipei features 10 exquisite dining establishments serving exotic cuisines selected by gourmet experts Hu Tien-lan and Hsu Tien-lin along with 8 award-winning rising star brands of Fashion Art Taipei as well as 15 brand new stores that have undergone a total transformation. Traditional Market – Take a Stroll in Traditional Markets to Appreciate the Beauty of Life portrays the stories of characters at traditional markets in Taiwan, demonstrating the magnificent beliefs of “making the world a better place by doing one’s job”, “keep up with the changing world with a proactive attitude”, and “the market is full of endless possibilities if one can think outside the box”.

The Extra-Ordinary Taipei book set documents extraordinary tales of contemporary Taipei citizens from an industry’s perspective. There are a total of 15 themes including Images of Professionals, Vibrant Night Market, Traditional Market, Pulse of Agriculture, Recreational Agriculture, Tea Tasting, Fashion and Gastronomy, Commercial Service, Friendly Shopping District, Innovative Startups, New Ventures, Cradle of Design, Love for Dogs and Cats, Natural Ecology, and Hot Spring Enjoyment, etc.

Readers interested in buying the books may do so through the bookstore channel, or purchase eBooks from Google Play Books, Books.com.tw eBooks, and Rakuten Kobo. For additional information pertaining to Extra-Ordinary Taipei, please browse the “台北饗樂趣” Taipei Facebook fan page or the official website of DOED.