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City Launches Logo Design Contest for 2017 Universiade

Mayor Ko Wen-je launched the Slogan, Logo and Mascot Design Competition for 2017 Universiade on February 16.
The mayor noted that the opportunity to host the international sports event is significant both for Taipei and Taiwan. The competition signifies a start of the city government’s effort to drums up the momentum from across the island for the World University Games.
Ko reckoned that the contest seeks to establish connections between local society and the 2017 Universiade, leaving a lasting impression on participating athletes. With the top prize as attractive as NT$400,000, the organizers hope to bring out the best talent and inject vitality into the event.
The theme of the design contest is “Taipei—A City with Sporty Lifestyle.” Submission works must present the uniqueness of Taipei and emphasize the spirit of public participation, while promoting cultural exchange.
The slogan words should include both Chinese and English. The logo should be designed based on the English letter “U” that denotes Universiade. The mascot should be created with concepts corresponding with the theme of 2017 Universiade.
Note: Submissions must contain designs of 2017 Universiade slogan, logo, and mascot. A submission will be declared unqualified if any of the three elements is missing.
The entry deadline is 23:59 PM, March 15 (Taipei Time). For more information on the contest, please visit the Chinese website of 2017 Universiade: http://www.taipei2017.com.tw/