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Bravo, Huang Make an Appearance at Hsin Tung Yang - Inviting People to the Taipei Lantern Festival

Bravo and Huang promotes the 2020 Taipei Lantern Festival With the upcoming Taipei Lantern Festival on February 8, the most adorable mascots of Taipei City, Bravo and Huang Ching-Ying, have come to Hsin Tung Yang Zhongxiao store to toss tangyuan with citizens. In addition to inviting citizens to come to Hsin Tung Yang to toss tangyuan and collect Bravo limited edition carry bags, everyone is invited to join the Taipei Lantern Festival to experience the most flavorsome lantern festival in Taipei City.

Taipei City Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) Commissioner Liu Yi-Ting commented that Bravo and Hsin Tung Yang have joined forces to unveil the Bravo x Hsin Tung Yang limited edition carry bags. For purchases of at least 10 tangyuans at designated stores and counters from February 1 to 8, shoppers will receive one Hsin Tung Yang X Bravo Lantern Festival limited edition carry bag. In addition to traditional craft and handmade tangyuan activities, professional artisan demonstrations are also held at designated stores, and school children may sign up for the old-fashioned tangyuan tossing experience free of charge, in turn allowing them to understand traditional Chinese gourmet culture.

According to Huang, the tangyuan tossing event was also held at Hsin Tung Yang’s Wuchang store in 2019, so holding this year’s event is relatively easy by building on last year’s experience. This year, Hsin Tung Yang introduced the hip milk tea flavored tangyuan, and people can also receive a Bravo Lantern Festival limited edition carry bag after the tangyuan tossing experience. Compared to last year, this year offers much more abundant activities, and it is hoped that people will come to the Lantern Festival to toss tangyuan.

TPEDOIT will also unveil limited-edition Bravo coin purses for the Taipei Lantern Festival along with a variety of peripheral products including Bravo-shaped slip-resistant mat, door protection pads, multi-purpose hooks, and Bravo-shaped paper clips for everyone’s shopping pleasure.

The 2020 Taipei Lantern Festival will be held from February 8 to 16 for a period of 9 days at 2 major venues in east and west Taipei, encouraging everyone to emerge from their familiar surroundings and venture to one another’s environment, transforming their role as spectators into participants with their own stories to tell. The visitors become the protagonists of the festival rambling through the east and west district of Taipei, exploring the authentic sights and sounds of the city, making Taipei Lantern Festival an urban branding event that is full of moving memories. If you wish to obtain more 2020 Taipei Lantern Festival-related information, please refer to the official website (http://2020.lanternfestival.taipei).

Liu reiterated that due to a large number of people during the Lantern Festival, citizens and tourists joining the event are advised to wear masks at the lantern exhibition areas and during various activities. They should also pay attention to hand hygiene by washing their hands frequently; people with respiratory symptoms are reminded to carry out self-health management and refrain from attending major events such as the Lantern Festival in order to avoid the risk of exposing others to risks through close contact.