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New Escalator Installed at MRT Danfeng Station

Exit 1 of MRT Danfeng StationThe Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS) has completed the installation of a new escalator for Exit 1 of MRT Danfeng Station. The new equipment will be accessible starting July 31.

With daily passenger volume exceeding two million, the temporary suspension of station exits will result in the inconvenience of MRT riders. The agency pointed out that unlike standard construction projects, the installation of a new escalator requires both time and immense effort.

In addition to measures such as dismantling the staircase, setting up of the elevator/escalator pit, power line deployment, and relevant tests are carried out within confined quarters. To minimize impact to the crowd flow, much of the work is carried out manually and work time restricted to afterhours.

In light of the aging society, the exits of MRT station have adopted the guideline of installing either two escalators or an elevator. The process of replacing the past design of one escalator and a staircase with the new setup is time-consuming and further limited by the construction space available. Furthermore, the new facilities also need to undergo a series of tests to ensure meeting standards such as tremor-resilience, fire resilience, and noise level, as well as securing the required licenses.

After the completion of the two escalators at MRT Danfeng Station, upcoming projects under the current procurement include 3 elevators and 8 escalators to be installed at 6 other MRT stations.