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APO: Electric Collars Not Recommended for Training Pets

Concerning the recent debate over the use of electric shock dog collars, Animal Protection Office (APO) reiterated that pet owners should use a collar that is safe, comfortable, breathable and of proper elasticity, and they could incur penalties for subjecting their pets to harassment, abuse, or harm from the use of shock collars.
APO noted that there have been reports of animal deaths in relation to the electric device. According to Article 30 of Animal Protection Act, a fine of not more than NT$75,000 will be imposed on individuals whose pets are harmed or dead due to the use of shock collars. A jail term or penal servitude under two years will be imposed on individuals whose pets are harmed as a result of improper use of shock collars based on Article 25 of the Animal Protection Act.
APO also warns the public that offenders who fail to take corrective actions before a specific deadline will incur a fine under NT$15,000 and the fine may be imposed each time the deadline is missed.
Citing studies, APO pointed out that the reward-based training method -- in the form of a food treat or verbal praise -- is proved to be more effective than punitive discipline in teaching pets how to obey commands. APO urged pet owners to seek professional assistance if they encounter problems when training their furkids.
Visit the official website of APO for related information: http://www.tcapo.gov.taipei/ (Chinese)