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Taipei Ushers in Smart Payment Age

On April 17, the Department of Information Technology (DOIT) organized a symposium discussing the topic “Smart Payment in Taipei”. A conclusion was reached in the meeting between the city government and industry players to jointly construct a platform allowing users to pay their bills via mobile devices.
Businesses and organizations attending the seminar include Chinese Non-store Retailer Association, Chunghwa Telecom, allPay Third-Party Payment Co., PayNow Taiwan Inc., Gangu Tech, Smart Catch, Yankey Inc., Jollywiz Digital Technology Co., Neweb Technologies Co., Taiwan Mobile, Pi Mobile Technology, Pay2go Technology Corporation, and Taiwan Rakuten Ichiba Inc.
As one of the most innovative cities in the Asia Pacific region, Taipei is a leading force in promoting intelligent cities. To herald a new era for this cause, the city government will tap into the resources of the private sector to provide citizens with a more convenient way of life. Integrating mobile payment with commercial district activities is an integral part of realizing the smart city vision.
DOIT Commissioner Lee Wei-bin pointed out that the city will draft up a protocol governing payment services. Following the implementation of the Payment Processing Institutions Act later this year, fee payment for Department of Land, Department of Education, and Parking Management and Development Office will be incorporated into the new electronic system.
Hoping to spur the growth of the industry, the capital city invites other municipalities to join the rank of electronic payment services.