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Jianguo Holiday Flower Market Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Event celebrating the 40th anniversary of Jianguo Holiday Flower MarketThe “Shining Star Floral Arts Exhibition” celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Jianguo Holiday Flower Market took place on November 12 and 13. 


The program comprised activities spanning flower bouquets runway show to floriculture DIY lessons. The majority of the events is open to the public. Those who checked-in at the flower market and upload pictures to his or her Facebook or IG account are eligible to take part in a raffle offering great prizes from fruit-themed calendars to succulent plant pots. 


According to the Department of Economic Development (DED), the Jianguo Holiday Flower Market has been in business since 1982. It accompanied Taiwanese horticultural sellers through the different eras and historical moments. Today, it is the largest retail flower market in Asia. 


Due to its location in downtown Taipei, the market can be easily accessed via bus and MRT. In addition to the selling and buying of flowers, there are also vendors offering oversized plants, bonsais, seeds, and gardening tools. As many of the stalls are operated directly by the growers, the market plays an important role in benefiting smallholder farmers and flower growers. 


There are over 200 stalls at the Jianguo Holiday Flower Market showcasing flowers, saplings, seeds, tea, fertilizers, and gardening goods from across the island. During the 40th anniversary celebration period through January 1, customers using TaiwanPay for purchases at flower market stalls can enjoy a 20% cashback for single transaction (capped at NT$300 per card/account). 


Taking advantage of the milestone event, DED and Taipei Farmers Association also held the Taipei City Benchmark Young Farmers Certificate Presentation Ceremony, welcoming these up-and-coming agricultural talents to join the ranks of local growers.


For more information on the 40th anniversary celebrations, please visit the Chinese website of DED (Link) or its Facebook fan page (Link).