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Celebrate Dragon Boat Fest—Hakka Style

Come enjoy the Dragon Boat Festival spiced with a tint of Hakka flavor! Organized by Taipei Hakka Affairs Commission (HAC), an event featuring hands-on zongzi wrapping and traditional Hakka rice cake baking activities will take place at Taipei Hakka Cultural Park on June 13. For Hakka people, Dragon Boat Festival is a time for reflecting upon their lives and their past. The subgroup of Han Chinese adapt to the changing weather between spring and summer by using herbs to expel insects and for medicinal purposes. The event offers the public an opportunity to appreciate the wisdom of Hakka ancestors while promoting the importance of ecology conservation and co-existence with nature. On June 13, event participants can try their hands at making ginger lily zongzi (glutinous rice with fillings) and Chinese mugwort ban (rice cake) by learning from Hakka community volunteers, as well as engaging in quiz games to test your herbal knowledge. Individuals interested in the class will have to sign up as groups (parent-child or grandparent-child), with 120 teams as the maximum. Detailed information can be found at the event’s Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/Hakkatraditional)