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2017 Taipei Universiade Mascot Design Contest Submission Ends

2017 Taipei Universiade slogan, logo, and mascot design contest submission period has ended on March 15. In addition to the majority of the submissions from college students, there are design works submitted from design studios, retired teachers, housewives, and even foreigners. The contest accumulated 394 submissions in total.
In the preliminary review, there are many creative submissions on the Universiade mascot such as Taipei 101 Building, Formosan black bear, Formosan landlocked salmon, Formosan sika deer, and Formosan blue magpie. One submission depicts the enthusiasm of the Universiade as the Wind Fire Wheels from Nezha, a protection deity in Chinese folk religion. Many works are inspired by the Chinese zodiac of year 2017, the rooster.
The next phase of the submission selection is the committee review. The committee will select 10 finalists for public voting, or i-voting, by the end of March. The City encourages everyone to vote for their favorite work which best represents Taipei’s sportsmanship.
For more detailed information, please visit 2017 Taipei Universiade website (http://www.taipei2017.com.tw)(Chinese) and Facebook fan page.