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DLA: Unauthorized Parking Prohibited at Areas around City Parks

The Department of Legal Affairs reminds residents that unauthorized parking in the areas around city parks, greens, plaza, children recreation spaces, public construction sites, and facilities established by law for purpose of public recreation is prohibited based on Taipei City Self-governance Articles on Park Management.
The Administrative Appeals Committee cited a case involving a motorcyclist who filed an appeal regarding a fine of NT$1,200 issued by the Parks and Street Lights Office for parking on the pedestrian walkway next to Qingguang Park in Zhongshan District.
According to the committee, the appeal was turned down on the grounds that the city government declared the ban of unauthorized parking at areas around city parks based on the self-governance articles on December 21, 2010.
The only exception to the ban are vehicles of individuals on official business (who must apply for a permit beforehand with the respective management authorities) and vehicles parked inside marked parking spaces for the following parks: 228 Peace Park, Youth Park, Rongxing Park, Bihu Park, Dahu Park, Yuquan Park, Yuchen Park, and Shilin Official Residence.
For all other parks under city management, parking is prohibited with the exception of vehicles parked inside marked parking spaces. Violators will receive a fine of no less than NT$1,200 and no more than NT$6,000.