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City to Offer Easy Access to Naturalization Test

Good news for foreigners applying for naturalization!
Department of Civil Affairs (DCA) announced that foreigners will be able to take the naturalization test any time during office hours at any Household Registration Office of the city starting February 1. They will receive their score report 30 minutes after the test.
According to Article 3 of Nationality Act, a foreign national or stateless person who wishes to apply for naturalization should meet language requirement of the country and possesses common knowledge of a national’s rights and obligations, either by passing tests or attending citizenship classes for new immigrants.
Civil Affairs Commissioner Lan Shih-tsung pointed out that to facilitate the naturalization process, the city government has made it more convenient for individuals to take the test--which used to be conducted only once a month--any time between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM from Monday through Friday.
To encourage participation in the test, applicants will receive a practical airtight container as a gift. A question database system has also been established to help exam-takers practice.
To learn more about the naturalization test, please contact House Registration Offices or call DCA at 02-27256065.