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DOL Offers Free Online Labor-related Courses, Registration Now Being Accepted

 Labor education online classThe Department of Labor (DOL) joined force with agencies and businesses to organize free labor education classes over the internet. So far, the programs have attracted over 1,000 students each year.
For 2021, the agency scheduled 80 sessions of online classes. Labor Commissioner Chen Shin-yu pointed out that topics of this year’s classes include “Labor Requirements and Promotion of Employer-worker Relations”, “Gender Mainstreaming”, and “Maintaining Workplace Safety”.
When agencies and businesses submit a request to organize classes, DOL will assign an instructor to conduct the program free of charge. In light of COVID-19, the applicant agency can choose to employ its own audiovisual equipment. The instructor will conduct the class over the Internet as a way to balance learning and pandemic prevention.
According to DOL, the program was held in both 2018 and 2019, featuring 65 sessions and 84 sessions respectively and benefiting over 3,000 individuals across various agencies and businesses. However, due to the COVID outbreak, the program saw a drop to 69 sessions in 2020 and benefiting roughly 2,154 individuals.
DOL reminded agencies and businesses registered in Taipei City that the requirement for applying for the free classes is that students from the management side cannot comprise more than 30% of the total members enrolled. For further details, please check out the related webpage on DOL’s Chinese website or call the agency at 1999 (for those calling from outside Taipei City, dial 02-2720-8889), ext. 3344.