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Deputy Mayor Meets New ROC Representative to Mongolia

The new ROC representative to Mongolia Huang Kuo-jung and Secretary Cho Chung-chun met Deputy Mayor Chou Li-fang during a visit to city hall on December 16.
Congratulating Huang for his new position, Chou also expressed her gratitude to the new representative to Mongolia for taking time to visit the city government to exchange opinions on the promotion of relations between Taipei and Mongolia.
Taipei City, who has a sister city relations with the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar, seeks to continue strengthening bilateral exchange in the areas of education, cultural activities, and tourism.
Located in central Asia, the inland nation of Mongolia is situated between Russia and the PRC. The majority of the country’s population is nomadic.
Chou remarked that Taipei’s sister city ties with Ulaanbaatar can be traced all the way back to 1997. The two sides have conducted exchange programs for civil servants, as well as strengthening interactions in the areas of culture, youth education, police, fire prevention, and healthcare. She suggested that future areas for cooperation might include exchange students, volunteer medical corps, and exchange artists.
Huang noted that Mongolia currently boasts a population of 3 million people. Half of the population resides in Ulaanbaatar. He believes that city diplomacy can be conducted beyond the scope of political ideology, establishing its foundation of topics concerning the citizens directly, such as education, culture, arts, sports, and tourism. He promised his full support in promoting Taipei and constructing an exchange platform if the City dispatches cultural and arts exchange delegations or international medical service groups to Mongolia.