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​Guandu Sea of Flowers Showcase to Kick-off in Novemeber

​Guandu Sea of Flowers Showcase to Kick-off in NovemeberDid you enjoy the sea of blooming flowers at Guandu last year? The good news is that the showcase is back again! Between November 6 and 21, the city government invites the public to come and visit the blooming fields in Guandu and enjoy the “2021 Loving in Guandu, Flowering Your Happiness” event.
First held in 2018, the origin of the sea of flower showcase involved 9 landlords working on local landscaping with the support of crops incentives. From the original plots spanning 1.7 hectares, the show attracted more and more supporters over the years and expanded to 4.38 hectares in 2020. These plots are used for floral landscaping during fallow period.
A total of 86 landlords have signed up for this year’s showcase, which boasts a total area exceeding 5 hectares! Not only does the event attract visitors to come and enjoy the beautiful sight of flowers and mountains, the significant increase in visitors also helps to stimulate the local economy. The wilted pedals after the flower season become compost to nurture next year’s crops.
Taking place between November 6 and 21, visitors will have a chance to witness the blossoming of flowers. In addition, the Public Works Department also invited stores and businesses in Beitou and Shilin districts to offer special deals and discounts for visitors. From boiled eggs to beef noodles to souvenirs, visitors will have a chance to get close to nature and taste great food during breaks.
For more information, please visit the Chinese Facebook fan page of the event. There will also be related activities such as concerts, guided tours, and handicraft flower accessories.