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Pet Ownership Data Update to Roll March 20

Taipei City Animal Protection Office (APO) will conduct a quadrennial check on the City’s pet microchip information starting March 20.
According to APO, the majority of pet owners rarely update the information registered in their furry friend’s microchip. Changes such as owner contact number, ownership transfer, and loss or death of the pet may have taken place over the years, making the information in the database inaccurate.
In light of this, APO commissioned Enrich Field Bio-Tech Information System Integration Inc. to carry out a thorough examination of registered pets and conduct information updates on residency and rabies inoculation, among others. The data will be synced with the city’s household registration system and the pet databases of both Taipei City Government and Council of Agriculture.
Pet owners will be notified via mail, Email, or SMS after the check begins. Individuals who receive such notice should review the information they have provided and visit the nearest pet registry for change of information if needed, ensuring the rights of their furkids.
For more information, please visit APO at http://www.tcapo.gov.taipei/ (Chinese)