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Deputy Mayor Tsai Acting as DSW Commissioner – Demands Colleagues to Treat Outbreak Prevention as Top Priority

Taipei City Photo In response to the change of personnel for the post of Taipei City Government’s Department of Social Welfare (DSW) Commissioner, Deputy Mayor Tsai Ping-Kun has been appointed as the Acting Commissioner.

On the morning of February 3, the first day of work after the Chinese New Year, he attended the DSW’s outbreak prevention action team meeting, during which he indicated that the DSW will continue to promote relevant services to carry on DSW services. With the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, Tsai also instructed his DSW colleagues to treat outbreak prevention as their top priority.

Deputy Mayor Tsai commended former DSW Commissioner Chen Hsueh-Hui’s efforts in supporting social welfare, stating that she has demonstrated a sense of purpose when promoting policies and in caring for others. He expects the DSW to build on this momentum and keep on making advancements, also mentioning that he will continue communicating with the Taipei City Council in a bid to advancing the DSW’s policies. He has also instructed his DSW colleagues to vigorously implement outbreak prevention measures in response to the escalating Wuhan coronavirus outbreak.

Tsai emphasized that in considering parents’ daycare needs, Taipei City offers both public and private daycare centers that continue to accept children in accordance with the Social and Family Affairs Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s announcements. In addition, the outbreak prevention measures of various daycare centers will be supervised and closely monitored based on the protection recommendations and health management standards issued by the central government.

The Taipei City Parent-Child Center will be closed from February 2 to 24, please pay attention to the center’s announcements for the official opening date. Additionally, although currently no community-acquired infection cases have been reported, in light of deficient community outbreak prevention resources at the present stage, courses and community kitchens at community caring concern centers, evergreen academies, and senior service centers will be temporarily suspended until February 24, while individual assistance offered by senior service centers will continue. Disinfection and infection control at these care institutions and community services will be implemented to make sure that outbreak prevention measures are enforced adequately.

At DSW’s care institutions, disinfections are conducted on a daily basis, and people are urged to wash their hands rigorously, while frontline personnel are required to wear masks as per regulations. Furthermore, the body temperatures of citizens entering or leaving the institutions are taken in order to implement infection control. In regards to community activities, meal gatherings involving multiple people and community kitchens are avoided as much as possible in order to prevent cross-infection.

Deputy Mayor Tsai pointed out that the most important task is to ascertain whether staff or citizens have traveled to China, Hong Kong and Macau recently or have come in contact with people who have been subjected to house quarantine. These citizens are urged to adhere to the 14-day self-health management guideline. These measures demonstrate that DSW has treated outbreak prevention as a first priority.