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Spring Couplet Giveaway at District Offices on January 28

To share the joy of Chinese New Year celebrations with residents, the Secretariat invited calligrapher Lin Chia-cheng to demonstrate his writing in the form of spring couplets.
The “Fu” character located at the top of the couplet symbolizes abundant good fortune and happiness, while the design showing a monkey holding a peach at the bottom of the couplet represents well-wishes and longevity.
The Secretariat has printed a total of 200,000 copies of the spring couplet to celebrate the Year of the Monkey. The spring couplet giveaway is scheduled to take place at 10 AM on Thursday, January 28, at all 12 district offices and various borough chief offices across the city.
In addition, the Secretariat also offers a digital copy of the couplet which can be downloaded from the agency’s website and printed out by users on their own printer.
For more information, please visit the Chinese website of the Secretariat at: http://sec.gov.taipei/ct.asp?xItem=663106&ctNode=20568&mp=101001