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Unified Bidding Center Opens for Business

Mayor Ko Wen-je inaugurated the city government’s Unified Bidding Center on April 1.
During his address, the mayor noted that the purpose of the agency is to realize the philosophy of openness, transparency, fairness, and equality. From a practical perspective, the center also serves to improve efficiency and quality for the management of city procurements.
Under current regulations, for example, elementary school principals looking at overhauling an old school building will have to deal with issues ranging from tenders to project inspection to acceptance. It poses a great challenge to public officials who have limited knowledge about construction procurement process and regulations.
Ko added that the initial task for the Unified Bidding Center will be to centralize and manage construction procurement projects with a budget of NT$5 million or more from non-construction-related agencies.
The ultimate goal is to put every single procurement project—whether pertaining to construction, labor services, or financial services--in the hands of the Center. This means that the Center will be consigned with the task of handling over 90% of the city government’s total procurement needs.
The mayor also invited the dignitaries to visit city hall at the end of the year when it has been transformed into a smart building. The Unified Bidding Center will also publish video recordings of the procurement process online in real time.