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Taipei, Seoul Ink Agreement to Boost Cooperation in Public Housing

On April 27, Mayor Ko Wen-je met with representatives of Seoul Housing Corporation (SHC) at City Hall to exchange opinions on public housing policies.

On behalf of SHC, the dignitaries signed a memorandum of understanding with the Department of Urban Development. The delegation also shared some of South Korea’s administrative experiences on public housing, living welfare, urban renewal, as well as smart communities.

According to Ko, South Korea, being one of the most advanced countries in the world, has many things in common with Taiwan, such as social models and culture. The city-sponsored SHC has constructed 260,000 public housing units, among which 160,000 are for lease only. The agency’s lessons can serve as valuable references for Taipei.

On the part of Taipei City Government, plans are being implemented to boost public housing by 50,000 units in eight years to account for 5-percent of the total residential units of Taipei. Learning from Seoul’s experience, the capital of Taiwan also seeks to establish the Taipei City Public Housing Management Corporation to deal with issues in this area.

In the future, SHC and its counterpart in Taipei will work together to enhance the expertise and knowledge of personnel in public housing construction and management through training programs, workshops, and seminars.