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Groundbreaking Set for MRT Xinyi Line East Extension Segment

Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the Xinyi Line East Extension (CR 580C area) construction on November 7.
During his address, the mayor noted that Taipei’s MRT system is a pride for Taiwna in terms of public construction project. The companies responsible for the eastward extension project are BES Engineering Corporation and Daiho Corporation. Both companies have worked with the Department of Rapid Transit Systems on projects spanning the Tamsui Line, Xindian Line, Bannan Line, and Xinlu Line.
Mayor Ko noted that the extension of the Xinyi Line will terminate at a station with three exits, respectively at the future Xinyi District Office and the social welfare institution inside the Guangci Care Park.
Despite covering only 1.42 kilometers, the details involved are extremely challenging. Unlike the construction of the Xinyi Line which took place on a road with width up to 40 meters, the majority of roads along the east extension are narrow, making traffic control difficult. Previous survey of the region indicated a complex geology formation, as well as a major pipeline used to collect water flowing down from Sishou Mountain.
As for the toughest part on negotiations, the mayor took his opportunity to express his gratitude to the staff. He noted that traffic control measures are inevitable with ongoing public construction and offers his apologies to local residents for possible inconveniences.
The Xinyi Line East Extension Project is expected to cost NT$9 billion.