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City Bans Bicycles from Using Parking Spaces Designated for Motorcycles

Cyclists should avoid parking their bicycles in designated parking space for motorcycles! Taipei City announced that a new regulation banning bicycles from parking in spaces reserved for motorcycles will take effect starting August 1.
To ensure that motorcyclists have access to parking facilities, the city has set up a number of roadside parking slots for motorcycles in the following commercial areas: Xinyi Commercial District, Nanyang Special Zone, Neihu Technology Park, Taipei Railway Station, Shilin Night Market, Ximen Commercial District, Guanghua Commercial District, and Taipei Zoo.
The city government also created approximately 10,000 parking spaces to allow cyclists to park their bicycles at the aforementioned districts.
However, the city government has received complaints from residents about bicycles taking up the parking space for motorcycles, thereby creating parking difficulties for motorcycle riders.
To help resolve this issue, the city announced that starting August 1, 2017, bicycles will be prohibited from parking on paid roadside parking space designated for motorcycles. Violators will be towed away in accordance with the “Taipei City Self-governance Regulations on Vehicles Obstructing Road Traffic.”