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Mayor Lauds Community Effort to Promote Farm City

Mayor Ko Wen-jo presented certificates of appreciation to a number of community representatives and teachers at a “Farmers’ Feast” event marking the achievement of the city’s effort to promote agricultural education on November 19.
Ko expressed his gratitude to those who are dedicated to advancing the cause of Farm City—one of the major policies of the city government. He hopes that with the continuous support from the public, Taipei will transform itself from a concrete jungle into a verdant city teeming with “green power.”
To carry out the objective of Farm City, agricultural education are being introduced to schools and communities. The city has seen elementary and junior high schools engage in planting activities, while community colleges and NGOs are the drive of agricultural programs in neighborhoods.
The mayor made a case for community participation for the success of government policies. Through dissemination of farming information and techniques, residents will be motivated to grow flowers and vegetables--eventually realizing the goal of a truly Farm City.