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Sign Language Interpreters to Take up Post at City Executive Meeting Press Conference

To allow hearing-impaired and language-impaired individuals to receive the latest updates on city policies, the city government will offer simultaneous sign language interpretation at the weekly press conference following the City Executive Meeting.
Answering media questions about the purpose of providing sign language interpretation at the event, Mayor Ko Wen-je pointed out that he noticed the simultaneous sign language interpretation when he watched US presidential campaign events. He believes that offering such service is a gesture of civilized nations and a way to cater to the needs of disadvantaged groups.
In the future, all official press conference of the city government will include a sign language interpreter to ensure that citizens with hearing and language impairments to remain in the know regarding city affairs.
In addition, a sign language version news digest on the mayor’s latest city policies will also be aired on the KBRO Digital News CH4 every Tuesday – the same day as the city government’s City Executive Meetings.