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Supporting Each Other for a Prosperous Tomorrow The 2024 Taipei City Civil Affairs Team Joint Awards Ceremony

To recognize and commend the senior and outstanding members of the civil affairs team, the Department of Civil Affairs of the Taipei City Government held an awards ceremony on June 21st (Friday) at 10 AM at the Minsheng Community Center. This event recognizes the contributions of senior Village and Neighborhood  Chiefs, outstanding Village Clerks, senior Village Clerks, exemplary household registration and civil affairs staff, and outstanding household registration volunteers. Mayor Chiang, Wan-An personally presented the awards and participated in a commemorative photo session as a gesture of gratitude and encouragement.

This year's honorees for senior Village Chiefs include Chen Ming-Hsiung from Shezi Village in Shilin District, who has served for over 40 years; Hung Fu-Chou from Jinglian Village in Xinyi District, among 10 others who have served for over 30 years; Wu Sheng-Yang from Xinxing Village in Zhongshan District, among 2 others who have served for over 20 years; and Yeh Chien-Hui from Yuanshan Village in Zhongshan District, who has served for over 10 years. Senior Neighborhood Chiefs include Pan Kung-Chao from Songshan District, among 6 others who have served for over 50 years; Wang Huai-Hsin from Xinyi District, among 14 others who have served for over 40 years; Huang Hsu Shu-Yun from Xinyi District, among 70 others who have served for over 30 years; and Shen Mei-Yu from Xinyi District, among 104 others who have served for over 20 years. Additionally, senior Village Clerks include Sun Tsui-Hua from Da’an District, who has served for over 30 years; and Chuang Wan-Ting from Songshan District, among 4 others who have served for over 20 years. The Taipei City Government deeply appreciates their long-term dedication and contributions to the development and administration of Taipei City, which are truly moving and commendable.

Additionally, the ceremony also honored excellent household registration volunteer Liu Han-Bin among 15 others; outstanding household registration personnel Chou Pin-Hui among 20 others; outstanding Village Clerk Sheng Yi-Ying among 91 others; and outstanding civil affairs personnel Lu Ming-Chu among 23 others. These exemplary district and household registration office staff members have excelled in handling emergency incidents, promoting various post-pandemic municipal recovery efforts, and assisting citizens through difficult times, earning widespread admiration for their exceptional performance.

This year, the most senior honoree is Chen Ming-Hsiung, the Village Chief of Shezi Village in Shilin District, who has served for over 40 years. Chen fully exemplifies the motto, "If you commit to it, serve to the end." He is known for his enthusiastic service and proactive concern for the residents, earning the profound trust of local residents. Hung Fu-Chou, the Village Chief of Jinglian Village in Xinyi District, actively revitalizes space utilization, promotes community greening, and works tirelessly to improve the quality of the community environment. Kao Ming-Hung, the Village Chief of Zhulun Village in Zhongshan District, promotes elder care and child-friendly initiatives within the village, showcasing the community's vitality and warmth. Chou Chih-Hsien, the Village Chief of Chienkung Village in Datong District, has transformed the old Jiancheng Roundabout into a parent-child recreation space and is dedicated to serving the residents and enhancing the community environment. Wu Tso-Jung, the Village Chief of Wanhe Village in Wenshan District, focuses on environmental recycling and energy-saving initiatives, fostering neighborhood relations and strengthening community care. Wang Hsing-Kuo, the Village Chief of Xikang Village in Neihu District, has overseen the transformation of farmland into a hi-tech industrial park, creating community green spaces and planning convenient transportation to promote a better community life. Chiang Kuang-Hui, the Village Chief of Ruiyang Village in Neihu District, cares for the elderly, new immigrants, and new parents by organizing training courses to support their life experiences. Huang Sheng-Tsung, the Village Chief of Jiqing Village in Beitou District, effectively utilizes resources to create a friendly and livable community. Each Village Chief demonstrates commitment to fostering a vibrant and beautiful community environment, working tirelessly to enhance the well-being and welfare of the residents.

Senior Neighborhood Chiefs such as Pan Kung-Chao (87 years old) from Songshan District, Chen Meng-Chieh (88 years old) from Zhongzheng District, Yeh Li-Fu (83 years old) from Wanhua District, and Tseng Mei-Hsiang (83 years old) from Da’an District, who have served for over 50 and 40 years respectively, continue to demonstrate unwavering dedication to their neighborhoods despite their advancing age. They are proactive and passionate local volunteers, who care for the residents, actively maintain the neighborhood environment, and support the implementation of policies, selflessly backing the Village Chiefs, District Chiefs, and the Mayor, ensuring smoother municipal governance.

Chen Ying-Chih, the Village Clerk of Dazhi Village in Zhongshan District, was deeply involved in the local response to the Kee Tai Dazhi incident in 2023. The collapse of neighboring houses due to excavation works on the construction site on Lane 94 of Dazhi Street left a lasting impression on him. Throughout the process, he upheld the principle that helping others brings happiness. When disaster-stricken residents were left helpless and uncertain after their homes collapsed, he maintained composure and empathy, actively helping them resolve their issues. Despite occasionally facing emotional reactions from the affected residents, he always communicated patiently and kindly, alleviating their anxiety and helplessness.

Lu Ming-Chu, the Section Chief of Civil Affairs in Wanhua District, has served in this role for many years. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she efficiently allocated colleagues to handle various pandemic prevention tasks, achieving effective control. She also focused on improving the environment in Wanhua District, transforming it into a clean and safe community. By mobilizing the community, she strengthened civil defense and mutual aid, transforming Wanhua into a model community for public safety nationwide. Additionally, she compiled work manuals for election duties, enabling staff to quickly absorb essential election management knowledge and successfully complete election tasks. Lu's promotion of civil affairs deserves recognition and commendation.

Volunteer Liu Han-Bin from the Nangang District Household Registration Office, residing in Taoyuan City and now 72 years old, formed a connection with Nangang District due to his work. After retiring from his company in Nangang District, he now travels north weekly to volunteer at the Nangang District Household Registration Office. Liu not only assists with basic inquiries and provides friendly guidance but also excels in simple repairs, helping with the maintenance of desks, chairs, and lights. His dedication to "using one's skills for joyful service" exemplifies the spirit of volunteering.

Chou Pin-Hui, a household registration officer at the Nangang District Household Registration Office, helped a stateless person who had lived in Taiwan for 17 years but repeatedly faced obstacles in obtaining citizenship due to not meeting the Nationality Act. Chou proactively liaised with the Ministry of the Interior, courts, financial institutions, and hospitals, documenting the individual's work situation to prove his stable life and work in Taiwan. Her efforts successfully secured Taiwanese citizenship for the individual, providing them the person with a sense of belonging. Chou's husband, Fu Kuang-Yi, is also an outstanding household registration officer at the Xinyi District Household Registration Office. The couple was both selected as outstanding household registration personnel in the city this year. Their enthusiastic service in their respective positions makes them a model couple in household registration agencies.

The senior and outstanding members of the civil affairs team being honored are the cornerstone of municipal services. They actively care for the community, remain vigilant about community issues and dynamics, and respond positively to the public's needs. Commissioner Chen Yung-Te of the Department of Civil Affairs of the Taipei City Government expressed his pride and gratitude for the dedication and support shown by grassroots civil affairs personnel toward Taipei's sustainable prosperity. He remarked that the collective effort being made to create a livable environment in Taipei is enhancing the capital city with joy and beauty.