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City Offers Incentives to Lure Bollywood Filmmakers

A group of representatives from Bollywood and cinema industry in South India are visiting Taipei for exchanges in tourism and film industry. The trip is a result of efforts by Mayor Ko Wen-je, who visited India in April seeking to boost bilateral ties in film and TV industry by offering incentives in the form of subsidies.
Members of the Bollywood delegation include award-winning directors, film producers, actors and actresses. The city government will provide resources, administrative assistance, and incentives for Indian filmmakers working on new projects. An MOU will be signed to serve as a guideline for the two sides when engaging in future cinematic collaboration.
The foreign visitors embarked on an exploration of the city via the “Fun Taipei” itinerary, organized by the Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT). The city’s charisma is embodied by Yangmingshan’s sceneries, Ximending’s fashion vibes, double-decker city tour, diverse cuisines, mango shaved ice, herbal tea, and other specialties – much to the liking of the Indian guests.
According to Sridharan Madhusudhanan, Director General of India-Taipei Association, an Indian movie can attract anywhere between 1 and 4 billion viewers on average, making the South Asian country a potential market for investment.
In light of this, TPEDOIT joined Department of Cultural Affairs and Taipei Film Commission in holding a party to boost interaction between filmmakers from Taiwan and India at Zhongshan Hall. Hopefully, the networking effort will see more Indian movies being filmed in Taipei, thereby increasing Taipei’s international profile in a country not only known for Bollywood cinema, but also for film industries using different languages, such as Tollywood and Kollywood.