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Indonesian migrant workers to Participate in Overseas Presidential Voting

* Taipei City calls upon all local employers of Indonesian migrant workers to grant them time off to vote.

Indonesia’s Presidential Election, which takes place once every 6 years, will be held on April 17, 2019.overseas voting for Indonesians in Taiwan has been scheduled for April 14 (Sunday). The Department of Labor (DOL) has specially called upon the employers to give migrant workers some time off so they could cast their votes and take part in the momentous democratic election.

As shown in DOL statistics, there are currently approximately 270,000 Indonesian migrant workers living in Taiwan; more than 34,000 live in Taipei City. Most of them are hired as home care workers, who have been contributing to and assisting with Taiwan’s home care and business development. The government is calling upon their employers to grant the Indonesian migrant workers appropriate time off and make them aware of their overseas voting rights and the locations of the polling stations. We hope that all Indonesian migrant workers will be able to cast their sacred ballots.

The Indonesian government has established the Indonesian Independent Election Committee in Taipei for the country’s Fourth Presidential and Legislative Election. To encourage its overseas citizens to cast their sacred ballots, the Committee has specially set up 34 polling stations across Taiwan for its nationals working in Taiwan. In Taipei City, there are 4 polling stations in total (please see the exhibit below for more details). We hope that employers will pass down the information to their Indonesian migrant workers and offer them some time off so that they could cast a vote in the location they find most convenient.

Indonesian Overseas Citizens Polling Stations in Taipei City:


  1. KDEI Taipei 6F, No.550, RuiGuang Rd, Neihu Dist, Taipei City
  2. TMS1-Depan Kantor PCINU TAIWAN No. 15, Alley 10, Lane 40, Chang'an West Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 10491
  3. TMS2-Toko Indosari Jaya No.8, Bei Ping West Rd, Taipei City
  4. Royal Cafe Daan No. 72, Section 2, XinSheng S. Road, Da’an District, Taipei City