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City to Impose Graded Penalties on Graffiti Vandalism Starting May 1

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced the City will lead the country in implementing a graded penalty scheme against graffiti vandalism. The new regulation will take effect on May 1, 2016.

According to DEP, the new system will impose differentiated fines on people who commit graffiti vandalism. Penalties will vary according to the degree of difficulty in terms of graffiti removal, the size of the graffiti, and whether the incident is a repeated offense.

DEP pointed out that even though there are locations where graffiti art is permissible, reports of graffiti vandalism at public facilities and private properties have continued.

Currently, the most severe penalty for such offense is a fine of NT$6,000, in compliance with Article 27 and 50 of Waste Disposal Act. Following a thorough research into the cases, DEP has concluded that a graded penalty system will help reduce controversies while realizing the principle of proportionality.



Size of Graffiti

Removable with water and cloth

Irremovable with water and cloth

Size <1M2 and

Longest side < 1M



Size ≥ 1M2 but < 2M2 or

Longest side ≥ 1M but < 2M



Size ≥ 2M2 or

Longest side ≥ 2M



2nd offense within a year

Double of the above fines; maximum fine NT$6,000

3rd offense within a year