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City Voices Objection to Compact of Mayors Regarding Affiliation Data, Demands Correction

Environmental Protection Commissioner Liou Ming-lone has submitted a letter of protest on behalf of Taipei City Government to the Compact of Mayors, Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI), and the Carbonn website over a news release on the aforementioned website.
The article, published on November 25, included a list of 20 local governments complying with the Compact’s measures on carbon reduction. However, the announcement placed Taipei and four other cities in Taiwan under “China.”
Mayor Ko Wen-je noted that Taipei City became a member of ICLEI in 2007. Through international exchange, the City commits itself to the reduction of its carbon emission. The City also joined the Compact of Mayors in collaboration with cities around the world to respond to the impact of global climate change. Through its efforts, Taipei City achieved the status of ‘full Compact Compliance’, fulfilling the requirements including registration, compliance reporting, establishment of reduction target, and action plan.
The City Government expressed its gratitude for the approval by the alliance. Ko emphasized that the Taipei City will continue to uphold its role as a member of the global community in reducing carbon emission to help reduce the impact of climate change.
The mayor pointed out that the city government joined ICLEI, Carbonn, and Compact of Mayors under “Chinese Taipei.” He noted that the news release, which listed the city under “China (including mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, Chinese Taipei)” is obviously a mistake. Ko called upon the Compact of Mayors to make the necessary corrections, ensuring Taipei’s participation in the organization’s future activities.