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Senior EasyCard: Now with Free MRT Rides, Admission to Sports Venues

Mayor Ko Wen-je announced that the City will expand the scope of service provided by Senior EasyCard starting October 29!
According to current rules, a total of NT$480 in credits are automatically added to the Senior EasyCard every month, allowing those aged 65 years or older to enjoy free rides on public buses by using these credits. However, with a lack of other usage, many of the credits are often left unused.
To encourage seniors to engage in more physical activities, the Department of Social Welfare (DSW) noted that the credits can be used to access additional services and facilities starting October 29 (the Double Ninth Festival): public buses, taxi (partial subsidies only), MRT, Maokong Gondola, Shilin Official Residence (Main Hall), Taipei Metro Beitou Resort gym, Shanzhuku Swimming Pool, Huluzhou Sports Park, Bojia Sports Park, Zhoumei Sports Park’s swimming pools, as well as Mingsheng Community Center’s gym and table tennis room.
The second phase of the subsidy program is slated for mid-2018, further covering YouBike and Taipei Sightseeing Bus.
DSW Commissioner Hsu Li-min invites senior citizens to go out and take advantage of the City’s convenient public transportation. A recommended itinerary comprises the following locations: after visiting Taipei Zoo in the morning, take the Maokong Gondola and travel to Shilin Official Residence in the afternoon. End the day with a ride to MRT Tamsui Station for a view of the beautiful sunset.
Residents domiciled in Taipei City and aged 65 or more, or indigenous people aged 55 or older, are eligible to apply for the Senior EasyCard at any of Taipei’s 12 administrative district offices.
To learn more about the preferential program, please visit DSW at http://www.dosw.gov.taipei (Chinese).